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This was HUGE in Turkey!

This series was so big in Turkey during the 80's! It was the first Brezilian soup opera that was shown in national television and it had such an impact on the people that today, it is still normal for our mothers to complain about being the "slave isaura" of the house when we don't help them to set the table.

I was in a boarding school and couldn't watch after the 150th episode, but I still got to learn everything that happened from my classmates who did not live in the dormitory, every day.

We all hate the evil baron and cherish the memory of squint-eyed Isaura. You were the first soup opera heroin that our mothers opened their hearts to and no Brooke (Bold&Beutiful), Sam (Generations) or Christine (Young&Restless) could ever take your place.

Except for Kunta Kinte from `Roots` maybe, but hey, he suffered a lot more!!!


Well it was a huge hit in Poland in the 80's as well!
Too young to remember it well but it was watched by a lot of people
back then. Funny that your post is from 2006, it all feels like really antient history now.


It was huge in Russia in the late 80s too. I remember the even showed it to us little kids one time in school in class. Yeah, everybody was watching in Russia their favorite Isaura. I tried to relive the nastalgia and rewatched the first 50 series, and it felt very addicting again. Oh, yeah, and it was the very first soap opera shown on the Soviet television as well!