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Hilariously Bad

Boy, what a piece of work this is.
The time period is indistinct since they constantly mix
in anachronisms, probably accidentaly. Electric lights
and "modern" clothing (circa 1979) are thrown in with
victorian decorations and set pieces.
The script and film quality could have made this a
servicable "bad movie" (cheap yet entertaining), if not
for the utterly horrendous acting. None of the leads has
any talent, slowly trying to remember their lines, sometimes
obviously reading them. The budget is obviously minuscule,
with very poor and dated special effects even compared to
films done much earlier.
The script is not the worst, but deserves no credit either.

This film is at least atmospheric, with cheezy horror
sound effects/music, lighting, and sets. Id suggest
watching it with friends as its easy to mock, or perhaps
as a background film while doing something else.

Watch it only if your a hardened "bad movie buff" looking
for a good laugh.
On a side note, I got this movie in a set
(Beasts of Terror) and it came with some interesting special
features including a movie trivia game, a Little Rascals episode,
and a DVD-Rom feature which I have yet to check out.


Was this one set in Spain or something? I'm not confusing it with Curse of the Werewolf, but I think I saw it when I was a kid hosted by Elvira or some other horror hostess.