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Questions about Hitomi's first return to Earth

I don't understand what happens in the episode in the middle of the series where Hitomi goes back to Earth, and then Van flies to Earth in the next episode and takes her back to Gaea.

How could Hitomi go back to the same time that she left?

And what happens to the scenes that happen later, such as Amano paging Hitomi and Yukari and Amano visiting Hitomi's mom?

What do Yukari and Amano remember about the night that Hitomi disappeared?

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I can only assume that when Hitomi wished to return to earth, she also wished to return to a time on earth where she hadn't been taken to Gaia yet. It may have been subconsiously.
Gaia clearly was left at the same space in time, which allowed Van to rescue her, a day or two later.

I think Amano and Yukari DID remember Hitomi disappearing, I'm sure there's a scene where they discuss a pillar of light, but I don't know if they remembered it by the end of the series.

I'm also not certain about the pager, but I wouldn't focus on it too much. It's best just to enjoy the series, and think about it as a whole, rather than to question it's minor "flaws". :)

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No-doubt she returned to the same day in the same way that her Grandmother returned to Gaea the same night she left, despite decades having passed in between.

As for Amano paging Hitomi and Yukari visiting Hitomi's mom, those still happen, since Hitomi still vanishes.

As for what they remember, I'd say they recall all of it, they certainly seem to remember Hitomi telling Yukari that it's fine for Yukari to love Amano.

My question about this episode is this: Why did Hitomi decide to return to Gaea? In the previous episode she wanted nothing to do with it. In addition, she's finally home, where she has been trying to get for the whole series.

Then, as soon as she sees Van, she returns.

That just bugs me.