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First off I love the show to death but I have some seriously nagging questions about the plot.

What exactly is the difference between what Dornkirk and Folken want for Gaia?

Dornkirk wants to unlock the power of Atlantis and end human suffering? Is that it?

And Folken wants to end suffering for Vaan? Is that it?

Why exactly does Folken turn on Dornkirk?

And why, if Folken wants to end suffering for Vaan, does Folken go along with the destruction of Fanelia in the first place?

Thanks so much if someone could answer these questions.


Kinda hard questions to answer, since the series leaves those things pretty vague.

I think Dornkirk wanted to use the Atlantis machine to alter fate to end man's bloodthirst. But then at the end he suddenly "grants everyone their wishes" so it's really confusing. I myself like to think he'd become a senile geezer, being a 200-year old stuck in a giant wheelchair/life support system and whatnot, who just thought that if everyone got what they wanted then there would be no war.

As for Folken's motivation I guess he just went along with Dornkirk, but when he starts to see Dornkirk's methods are wrong he turns on him. And the whole "end suffering for Van" thing... err, I guess it's just a very anime way of saying he wanted Van to do other things than war. Why he goes along with Fanelia's destruction... I dunno. I think it's implied in the series that the circumistances force him to go along and he doesn't try to stop it because he believes he's doing it for "the greater good".

This is why VoE is such a great series: even things like these don't bother while watching it, because it's just so good.