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question about energists

What connection do the energists have with the power of Atlantis? [i.e., how was Van able to use the energist to send Hitomi home?]

And whatever became of the weird looking energist that Van's mother gave him? Did he ever do anything with it?


Dunno if the energists were supposed to be connected to the whole Atlantis thing at all. As for the ending, just think that Van used the energist as a sort of conduit for Hitomi's wish to return home or something.

The weird looking energist was likely a plot device that was originally meant to be important since the series was originally supposed to be 39 episodes long. As it stands its only purpose would seem to be sending Van, Hitomi and Allen to Zaibach in ep 18. And maybe releasing Van from the "injured where escaflowne gets damaged" thing.


I think it was due of the Draconian blood that it resonated with Hitomi's pendant and could defy fate and do things other Guymelefs couldn't.