Doubts of Isabelle ?

For me although most of the story is constructed over Magali character, i have a deep sense of Isabelle is the central character.

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There are some undefinable issues in the movie.
1) Isabelle is uncomfortable with the idea of not being liked by Gérald. When they were at the cafe talking about Gérald's physical preference she doesn't seem to be happy. I can say this from her face.

2) When Gérald and Isabella at the room alone, she was deliberately and very very subtlety flirty with him. Just before the door was opening she was physically so close and asking whether he was shaking.

3) At the very end of the movie, even after credits when she was dancing with her husband she had a very very strange looking, i must say even very doubtful expression in her face. This may be because of her child flee away home and she will be lonely with husband. May be she was thinking same loneliness may come to her like her friend Magali.

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I know this is very personal perspective but i have doubts about Isabelle. She state that she was a day dreamer. She has courage to experience new things in her life and capable of doing it well.

Does anyone else feel the same or explain my doubts about the character are irrelevant


I don't really have much to say about it but I do like your interpretation.

I hope they call me Henry when I die


So do I. I had the clear impression that she was living vicariously through Magali. I don't believe she would actually cheat on her husband but a part of her took some pleasure in meeting with Gerald and yes, the expression on her face at the very end, as they were dancing, was thoughtful and even, it seemed to me, ever so slightly sad.

Another layer to a beautiful film.


I agree with you and the OP. I believe deep inside she was not as happy with her life as she claimed.


I would say both of them are main characters, if one considers their friendship as the main theme of the movie. But if it's about soul&love searching I would add Rosine as well.

Isabelle is the well off (happiness wise) in the movie - or at least that is what we are lead to believe. Later on we hear she is from time to time reading the dating ads in the newspaper. Curiosity? Boredom? Both? She is not very careful either - she gets entangled in some thorny bushes while visiting Magali's vineyard, and unless helped by her friend she would have ended up wounded (even by tumbling down the slope). Isabelle seems to be sophisticated, easy-going, but she is also very blunt and sloppy. On the other side Magali looks like a grumpy old woman, but she is caring and loving.

Regarding your points, here are my thoughts:
1) there's no denying that she enjoyed (only she didn't realize it) flirting with him, but her directness and rushing of conversation made him answer with honesty, which she didn't like; as a matter of fact she went on informing him (or attacking him) that she is happily married, and she was just altruistically testing him for a friend of hers.

2) she looked like flirting, and that is why Gerald felt uneasy, but maybe she was indeed just happy that her plan went on perfectly, and was just being careless in her enthusiasm.

3)I saw it as a thoughtful look, the one at the end of the movie - maybe she was thinking she was leaving a life of pretense as a happy couple, which are not communicating too much, maybe about the thrill she had with the plot on arranging a date for her friend, and which she'll be missing, maybe about the loneliness you are talking about; or maybe she realized how risky was her plan, for her life, Magali, their friendship, even for Gerald.

A beautiful movie indeed


Never thought about the careless nature of Isabella, i will watch movie in this sense next time.
Thanks for your insights.