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Who watches this every year?

I do. It doesn't feel like Christmas until I watch this on PBS.

Beautiful rendition. I can't believe there aren't more topics here.

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I do.

But the quality of the picture, as shown on PBS, is the pits. It looks as if they were showing the same old tape from the 1980's. That's why I stopped paying attention to it whenever they'd show it. That all changed when I got the DVD.

The picture is still not quite up to 2008 standards, but it's miles ahead of the way they show it on TV. If you haven't yet bought it, you should.


I do. I have an old VHS tape, taped from TV when I was about 3 or so that has it and a few other christmas specials on it, that I just have to watch every Christmas. I've seen other versions of "The Nutcracker" but this one still remains my favorite. Now that I know it is out on DVD I will certainly be getting it.