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I don't understand why this received a 4.3...Opinions?

I caught this on Netflix right now and I was expecting this film to have around a five at the very least and a 7 at MOST.

If someone asked me to guess I would have said it had a 6.2 on IMDb.

Exactly why is this rated so low? Especially by today's standards of terrible films this movie was very entertaining.

I understand the difference between liking a movie and noticing a well made movie but this was quite entertaining.

The plot was rather simplistic. Certain characters lacked a bit of development, for example the couple that were trying to have a baby. I did not feel for them when they died.

But the special effects were great for its time and still hold up with a few blips along the road. The acting was fine, the makeup effects were fine. The plot was entertaining.

If I had seen this in the theater I wouldn't have regretted spending my 8 bucks.

It had tiny plot twists on the way, interesting concepts and was a fun ride.

I've read almost all the posts and I don't see any outstanding hatred for this film. Usually for a film rated so low almost every post speaks of how crappy the movie was.

So why is it that most people seem to not mind the movie? Yet rate it so low?

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I always had a soft spot for Supernova. It's actually a really good fun scifi movie. Sure, it's not great, it has some silly moments, but overall it's a hell of a lot better than many top rated films. It's got some great effects that still stand up well, a good soundtrack by David Williams, some neat plot ideas, and it didn't look/feel too much like Alien, considering the type of film it was.

Not perfect, but great fun in my view. A solid 7.


It definitely does not deserve 4.3.

A better rating would be 5 - 5.5 out of 10.

There's quite a few things to like about this. James Spader and Angela Basset are great.

But everything felt rushed. Yes, the film is 90 minutes long, but should've been longer. The villain did not do it for me. Poor Robin. She was treated as a sex object in this. But I guess that's what she signed up for.

I liked it when Nick was on the moon. Interesting to see the mining setup although it was quite dark, could not make out many things.

This film had interesting ideas and special effects which were good. I might even revisit it sometime.
Glad I watched it.