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Please help - Does anybody have the english subtitles for this movie???


If anybody has the english subtitles for this movie, please send the file to [email protected]

Thank you.


hi sctect did u find any yet? i found sum divx subtitles but they are so horrible that sometimes it doesnt even make sense.

pls tell me if u find any. divx or dvd.

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I don't know if this helps...


The link gives an error message. Can anyone help?


The only english subs I have are ridiculously bad.


i'm in the same boat. I borrowed the dvd from a public library and my French sucks too much to watch this. I am looking forward to watching this, but i need German or English subtitles. I tried out the subtitle posted above and several other English ones with the help of Google. So far nothing that works in a bearable way.

Any help?



Maybe try buying it.


These were the only ones I found that actually made grammatical sense...

'The island of Great Britain' instead of 'the Great Britain'
'Geriatrix' instead of 'Oldbladdix'
'My fish don't smell!' instead of 'My fish smell not'

But I ended up just giving up because the first of 8 tried subtitles that had perfect grammer ended up having sync problems due to different film version.

Depending on what your version is these may be perfect, or they may be crap like they were for me.

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I bought the DVD years ago and never got to watch it until today. I ripped it to MP4 and watched with VLC using the subtitles from I think it was this file - the extracted file was entitled 'Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (AstΘrix et ObΘlix contre CΘsar).srt' and was approx. 82kb. I tried a few from that site and only this one felt right and it did make sense knowing a little French (and speaking fluent English!).
FYI a mildly disappointing film, though I kept watching 'til the end.