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Wilkie Collins connection to Charles Dickens

I saw the 1982 DVD version of "The Woman in White" and this adaptation was very faithful to the novel. I got to read the last chapters of the novel to compare it to this adaptation. I preferred the novel's ending to the TV series because much of the later episodes cut short on the material from the book.

Having read several of Charles Dickens' works, I can see that the two of them who knew each other had appeared to borrow some of the characters and plot material from each other. You can see certain Dickens' characters in this novel.

Count Fosco with his evil and singing presence reminds one of Rigaud (Little Dorrit)

The secret involving Sir Percival Glyde reminds me of Arthur Clennam's secret (Little Dorrit)

William Hartright's pursuit to find information through searching legal documents reminds me of Mr. Pancks (Little Dorrit)

The doppelganger aspect of Laura Fairlie reminds me of Sydney Carton (Tale of Two Cities)