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Anyone here thought Lisa raccoon and Sofie were hotties?

I did when i was a little boy.

"It's the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man!"-Ghostbusters.




Cest moi l'original, cest moi, cest moi!


Yeah, probably.

It's Britney, the Bitch!



I think we all felt some sort of weird attraction with the anthromorphic female characters on our saturday morning cartoons... which has since led to the explosion of "furry" porn on the net!

Honestly, who can really say they didnt find rita from animaniacs a little bit hot lol :)


JoeRocket...I loved Rita on A! It helps that the woman doing her voice really IS hot :-)

As for the Raccoons, give me Melissa anyday. Yes that makes me a cougar chaser, but she seemed like a fun, caring girl, ESPECIALLY the Susan Roman version.