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Unanswered question from INTK board - Sword in a stone?

I originally posted this question on the I Need To Know board. Several nmovies have been suggested, but I still haven't found what movie this scene is from. I was watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the vague memory of this scene popped in my head (so it's NOT Holy Grail, no matter how many people suggest it). Someone suggested this might have occurred in a Dave Allen sketch. I used to watch "Dave Allen at Large" on PBS right before "Monty Python's Flying Circus" as a teenager in the 80's. Here's the original post:

I apologize for the small amount of details. I remember watching a movie, most likely in the 80's. It was a comedy, set in the medieval period (or Hollywood's idea of history). A man finds a sword in a stone, but can't pull it out. Instead, he lifts the entire thing, sword with stone still hanging from the end, and begins swinging it at his enemies.

Only this scene sticks in my memory. Can anyone confirm or deny this as the source? This is starting to drive me nuts!

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