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Not view on The State

I have no idea why this show is rated so highly. When I saw it on Netflix I was thrilled that there was a sketch show from the early 90s that I haven't seen. But now that I have watched a crapload of episodes I can't see why people act like this show is genius. Sure there have been a few skits that made me laugh (clown vs pirates, monkey torture, and the "old fashion" skits). But this is probably a total of 20 minutes of entertainment out of 14 episodes!

Most of the skits are just not funny. What I find odd, is that the most popular skits (i.e. the ones that people on these forums rave about) seem to be the most annoying ones: "Doug", "Blueberry person/guy/whatever", etc.

It also seems dated. This show is ran by a bunch of early 20-something year olds in 1993 and to me it seems more like it took place in the late 70s by 30-something year olds.

I think that it has such a high rating on imdb because only a few people actually remember the show. And those are the people that liked it. The ones that didn't like it forgot it ever existed. Maybe it's cause it was short lived or not offensive enough. Whatever the reason, the ones that would rag on it instead have forgotten it ever existed. Thus, the inflated rating.

Anyways, I just wanted to post something that had a negative viewpoint on The State. If you like the occasional Saturday Night Live you probably won't like this show. If you like Monty Python, you probably won't like this show either. If you watched The State when you were 12 and so would have a sense of nostalgia towards it then maybe it will delight you. At least for a little while. Otherwise, watch two episodes, if you don't like it you won't like the rest of the series. Don't make the mistake I made and think it will get better. It doesn't!!

P.S. Thomas Lennon does have a good comedic presence. It's a little entertaining to see him so young.


I agree.

I was attracted to it just because I loved "Stella" and "Wet Hot American Summer," but the humor in "the State" really isn't the same at all. It's incredibly bland and I probably only laughed at 3 or 4 sketches out of the entire show.

I think it's benefited in esteem merely from the fact that it's been unreleased for so many years. Now that it's out, though, I imagine its perception will fall drastically.

I'd actually say that current SNL sucks worse than the State, but "The State" doesn't come close to sketch shows like Mr Show or KITH or UCB or Stella.



czerro2424 - I don't get it, you were going to argue with me even though it sounds like you agree?

I agree that the majority of Monty Python's sketches did not make me laugh BUT the consistency is nothing like the The State. There is also a lot of reasons why it shouldn't even be compared to The State. Here are a few:

While there were only a few Monty Python sketches that made me crack up (Killer Joke, Twats, Dennis Moore, etc) they last a substantial amount of time (3-10 minutes). Basically, some of them were like mini stories.

The sketches from the The State that I actually laughed-out-loud at were literally 30 second to maybe 90 seconds. The writers for this show could not write anything that had a beginning and end.


Monty Python had better actors so even if a sketch wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, it was still entertaining and enjoyable. Some of the roles were pretty believable and the characters interesting.

Most of the actors of The State just weren't good. At least, not at that point of their life. Watching some of the skits made me feel like some random guy in his early twenties put on a wig and was just messing around. Almost like a group of guys were hanging out in a living room and then one got up and put on some goofy clothes and made up some stuff to say on the fly. It might be entertaining to watch if it's your friend and you know him, but you wouldn't give a second look if you didn't. Cause he doesn't have any stage presence or charisma.


There were a great many of unique sketches to come out of Monty Python. Some really can't be compared to anything else even to this day. And it boils down to excellent writing.

So many of the jokes on The State I could see from a mile away. A good example was the "Jesus/Louis" skit. As soon as Louis was brought up I knew it was going to end with Jesus pinning the savior thing on Louie (and I actually sortof liked that skit). The point is that most of the jokes were obvious and if they weren't it was just random nonsense. I mean it when I say that 90% of The State's material could be written by ANYONE.

While I think there are many reasons why The State shouldn't be compared to Monty Python there is one that I think is the most relevant. And this is something that no one seems to remember:


Even if I think a Monty Python sketch is lame watching it now, I know that if I was watching the same skit in 1969 I would be cracking up! Watching it in the 21st century I am still amazed at the type of jokes that were made. Jokes about church and state, gays, spoofs on war, random nudity; there was truly nothing else like it. I honestly didn't like any of the comedy shows of late night programming that was going on during that time period. I just didn't think they were funny. But Monty Python introduced a whole new type of humor. Even some of the earlier sketches that would be considered boring today were still funny back in the late 60s.

Zoom forward to the early 90s. There have been numerous shows and movies that still holds up today. Comedy had expanded like crazy and the early 90s also gave birth to the best sitcoms ever to grace television (Simpsons, Seinfeld, and more). Then you have The State. It didn't open any doors for comedy and if anything it seemed like the writers had missed the last 20 years of comedic advancement. It was just...weird and awkward and how it ever got deal with any channel amazes me.



I never said The State and Monty Python should be compared. I said the exact opposite. I said that everyone compares them and shouldn't. It really is misleading to do so.

I've never heard of SCTV but a google search tells me it's full name is second city. I'm sure it's just as unfunny as that New Kids in the Hall show.

And no I don't really think SNL is funny at all. I remember during the 2008 election they had some really good impersonations and it was great. I thought that maybe all these years I was missing out on a good show. But as it turns out, when the election was over it was no longer entertaining. The few times I have tried to watch the show I pay attention for 10 minutes and turn it off.

And yeah, I think comedy tv is crap. I think it has always been crap. Except for a few shows here and there.

As far as who is The State worse than? I think it's worse than Monty Python. Also, all the shows you raddled off The State is probably equal to or worse than. Which means I think it's crap. Of course, I admittedly haven't sat there and watched a full first season of any of those shows. Only random episodes here and there.

Also, like I said in my previous post, I don't like the "The State" for many reasons. It's NOT just the comedy. It's the presentation, the actors and "feel" of the show. If I saw an SNL episode from 1993 I would know it's from 1993. If I saw an episode of "The State" I would think it was much older if I hadn't known better. So I guess that's why I find it particularly horrible.

So yeah, I guess you thought I was justifying what is on tv. I'm not, I just think that a lot of people on here think this show is great and it's not. I don't know why everyone feels the need to act like it was canceled so soon. It got four seasons (if what you say is correct) and that is more than enough time to find your groove and improve. But they never did.

The inflated rating is insane too.



sketches off the top of my head i found hillarious then and now (i'm 32 years old now):

1. hormones sketch
2. all the doug's
3. all the louie's
4. all the captain monterrey jack's
5. bookworm
6. barry and levon - with the original music
7. jew, italian and red head ghey
8. the popa is coming
9. monkees doin it
10. freaks
11. old guys at the kid birthday party
12. antonio the exchange student
13. i want buzz, i want wanda, i want rick, i want gwen
14. openly ghey kid in High school
15. james dixon - high school guidance counselor and priest mainly
16. sid and nancy
17. what is art?
18. raised in a barn
19. festus at the birthday party
20. polar bears (Pete Rose! which i still don't get, but find funny)

the randomness of the show and the continuity of one sketch leading into the next made the show brilliant...

sorry that you never could appreciate it


I love when people tell other people what is funny or not. Look if you don't like it don't watch it. I have the dvd set now, and have watched it regularly and love it a lot. I can admit part of it is being a teenager when it first aired, but mostly I still think its funny. It makes ME laugh.


Not funny?

I wanna dip MY BALLS IN IT!


I can explain why it has high ratings: Because humor is subjective, and obviously more people disagree with you than agree with you, and your opinion is not fact.

That good enough for ya?

Just because you're too stupid to understand it, doesn't mean it's a plot hole