Thank God this is finally coming out on DVD... Now maybe all the obsessed fans can sit quietly at home at watch it and finally realize that it's not nearly as funny as they remember and can stop carrying on at how great and "groundbreaking" it was...

It was an ok sketch show, nothing more. Even at it's worst, SNL has always been more consistently funny. The individual members of The State have gone on to much better things, and I would actually like to see them reunite with new material, as I'm sure it would be much better now that they have grown.

But the show was never as good as everyone who's a fan makes it out to be....


With all due respect flyingmnky, you're wrong about the beards.

I won't speak on behalf of all State fans but I never use the term "groundbreaking". There's no need to try to silence our enthusiasm about its DVD release. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this. I remember the show accurately even after all these years and can assure you it IS as funny as I remember. Yes, there are a few sketches that fall flat, but the show speaks to those who don't want to view their comedy at face value, like SNL, where the jokes tend to be dumbed down and single layered so that a vast audience can like it. The State was subtle. I don't need Will Ferrel yelling at me to force a laugh out of me. Or I don't need to see a topical news story parodied to make me feel smart. Or Adam Sandler to play guitar with funny lyrics and endearing smiles. Or Steve Martin to be a wild and crazy guy. Or Colin Quinn to... be Colin Quinn. The State was for a select audience, and that's not to say State fans are better than or more understanding of comedy. It simply means we appreciate humor that is "out there" concept-wise and takes risks, not always sure that people will "get it".

Also, The State cast members were recent film and acting grads from NYU who didn't have the luxury of a big budget, huge guest stars, and a fixed structure each episodes. The sketches had to stand alone (usually) and they did it to perfection.

7/14/09 will be a great day.




Mr. Show was by far one of the smartest, funniest and most original shows ever. Trust me, I was doing The State a favor by NOT comparing it to Mr. Show. Or Exit 57. Or Stella. Or even The Whitest Kids U Know for that matter. I was purposely putting it on the same level as SNL; neither one are nearly as funny as fans make them out to be, but between the two, I would rather watch an episode of SNL, *if I had to.* (Ok, maybe not Charles Rocket/Gilbert Gottfried era...)

Maybe you shouldn't assume that my sense humor and taste in comedy is nothing more than a love of "celebrity pop crap" and cast your own personal wish fulfillment about my sexuality (sorry but even if I did swing that way, even though you present a well written, balanced and thought out argument, I'm sure you just wouldn't be my type. Unless you have no penis and really big knockers. Then hit me up!) just on that one comparison. And maybe you should re-read the part where I said how much I think each member of The State has gone on to do much better projects (Viva Variety! Reno 911! The afore mentioned Stella) and would actually like to see them get together again and do a new episode; I'm quite sure it be much more superior than their original attempt. You're quite right, they did have great energy, but it that stage it their undeveloped humor, it just didn't always equate to being nearly as funny as they or you thought it was.

And I'm getting prepared for the crazy rants (despite my lack of really bashing the fans so much as the show itself), but considering that there have been TWO whole responses to my original post, I'm not all that worried about getting TOO beaten up over my "stupid crappy opinion" which I am entitled to, just as you are entitled to yours.


exit 57 and the whitest kids you know are well below the ranks of the other sketch troupes mentioned.


"no offense to the gay community, which is much less gay than you are."

thats the funniest thing ive ever heard!


You are a gigantic retard if you don't think Mr. Show is pure genius. Holy sh*t. That's actually bothered me enough to respond to you.

I'm not even going to get into it... But damn you're stupid.

Mr. Show > The State

They are both great, but the State was made by inexperienced kids wanting to push boundaries, yet being held back by MTV. Mr. Show was made by comedy veterans on HBO, with complete creative control.

Don't get me wrong I love The State, and everything the members have done since... The show on it's own is not on the level of Mr. Show, Kids In The Hall, UCB and others, but it's up there.

Sandwiches, tasty sandwiches!



Who said anything negative about Mr. Show?


Oh my bad, I was tired when I posted and misread what that stiggie person said. At the time I thought they pretty much said it was crap. Oops.

Sandwiches, tasty sandwiches!


I wouldn't expect a fan of SNL to understand how far superior THE STATE's sketch comedy is written and executed. But I guess you like your sketch comedy drawn out, predictable, and simplistically topical. Even SNL's classics don't compare to the creativity that THE STATE had. Not to mention SNL is a big time network production with vast resources, and THE STATE was a MTV project that was created, directed, written, edited, and performed by a bunch of college kids on a shoestring budget

Sketch Comedy that is way better than SNL:




Show me where I ever said I was fan of SNL. What I said was that SNL was more consistently funny. I then reply to someone else that neither one (obviously referring to both SNL & The State) are as funny as their fans make them out to be. So, please, be all means, explain to me how this makes me a fan of SNL.

Or maybe you should actually read & comprehend something before you attempt to rebut it.

BTW, all the examples you list (sans The State) are indeed way better than SNL. And budget has nothing to do with the writing of the show. While The State had some humorous moments and really creative ideas, it was the constant overuse and recycling of those ideas that pulls it down. Their sly rebellion at the conventions of sketch comedy was brilliant until they recycled that same conceit over and over again. Oh, I get it, but they made sure I did. Again and again. I would rather watch SCTV or Mr. Show filmed on a budget of $12 than a multi-million dollar episode of The State or SNL....


bla bla bla... and monkeys might fly out of my butt :P

hey did you ever actually even watch the state man?
I fail to see how the state reuses the same material as you accuse them of... i mean the only reoccurring characters were only in season 1 and then they refused to do recurring characters because they didn't want to be accused of exactly what you are accusing them of... reusing material which they DO NOT EVER DO.

Now I love Mr. Show, and I do enjoy SCTV (I'm a fan a pretty much all sketch comedy) and while I have nothing bad to say about Mr. Show or U.C.B. or SCTV or Exit 53 or Whitest Kids or Human Giant or Monty Python or the Idiot Box or Friday's or You Can't Do That On Television yada-yada bla bla bla

I personally prefer the State. But this is of course my own preference and not a definitive answer of which show is better... as you have your own preferences so do we all and there is absolutely no way saying one show is better than another because someone out there is going to have a different opinion.

I guess the only official gauge is how much money a show makes... in which case The Chappelle Show has all of these shows beaten (higher sales than any other dvd television show box set EVER it's true look it up).

Just for sake of argument here's my top 10 in order of favorite
I'm sure you all have different opinions
01-The State
02-Mr. Show
03-Upright Citizens Brigade (now i can pine for s3 of this on DVD)
04-Whitest Kid's U'Know
05-Human Giant
06-Chappelle Show
08-Monty Python
09-Exit 53 (dvd release please!)
10-the Idiot Box (staring Alex Winter)(dvd release please!)



So, you said they do not ever reuse material? Let me see...

Lenny aka "I wanna dip my balls in it!"- A jab at conventional comedy "catch phrases" by over playing and thus mocking the whole catch phrase comedic character by having solely exist to say his catchphrase .

Doug- A wannabe rebel with nothing to really rebel against who over uses his catchphrase "I'm outta heeerrreee..." in a jab at coventional comedy to the point that he's solely saying his catchphrase for no real reason other than to be using his catchphrase.

You're right! Why those are two are entirely different! I guess I should change my name to blindmnky for not seeing that...

And of course there's the original way they took a jab at conventional comedy by creating the broad stereotypes of The Jew, The Italian and The Redhead Guy and putting them together as roommates...

Like I said previously, The State wanted to make sure I got how they were satirizing conventional comedy....



Again, please point out to me where I ever stated that I was a fan of SNL. Because if I did, I need to go back and edit/remove that ASAP. All I said that SNL was more consistently funny than The State, that's all. I never said I was actually a fan or even liked SNL. I was comparing dog *beep* to cat *beep* Maybe you should put your Jump To Conclusions mat back in the closet for awhile, ok?


I've got to say that I agree with the OP. I completely love the individual members of The State. Reno 911, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, etc. etc. are incredible. I've never seen The State, so when I heard it was coming out on DVD I was excited! I even pre-ordered it so I could get the free T-shirt.

Now, after watching all 24 episodes, I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. Much like the OP was getting at, I was expecting great comedy on the level of what I know these guys of, and it simply wasn't that good. It's understandable though, I mean these guys were young and it was their first show. But The State simply wasn't nowhere near as good as Monty Python, Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall, and Stella & Reno 911, etc.

I agree that a reunion show would be great. I think the experience the members have had over the years would be phenomonal.

And I can't believe you people are flaming the OP. Did any of you actually read his posts? He doesn't come in here with "the state is gay it sux lol" He has valid points. Not to mention he never said SNL was a great show. ridiculous

And I'll probably still wear the shirt, it's pretty cool.


sctv > monty python's flying circus > kids in the hall > the state

snl has historically been way too uneven to accurately fit in there. some seasons (ones with phil hartman or martin short) would place second, and others (not mentioning any names, but they're on it now) would place last.

the state was ok, but everyone's best work was ahead of them, unlike those other shows.

and the op is sort of right. i have friends that idolize this show, and i just don't get it. i can appreciate what they were doing, the satire and such, and i enjoy it, but it never makes me laugh.


so um... your just that monkey guy with another name pretending to be some other guy who agrees with him am I right... Mr. 1 post ever on imdb :P

nah i dunno maybe your actually a different guy, or perhaps not a man at all but a chimpanzee cleverly disguised as a human in attempts to fool the world... I'm on to you... Ive seen those movie's with Ronald Regan so I know monkeys can type sentences together. What else are you hiding jdamiang, if that's even your real name, which it's probably not, i mean I doubt that's what it says on your license anyway! show me on the doll where they touched you!!!
what's the deal with calling people who start a topic an "OP" anyway... i mean they just started a topic they don't actually operate the site in anyway or have the power to do anything official. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Riboflavin is difficult to incorporate into liquid products because it has poor solubility in water... and the State Rules

i am now going to retype your message as it should be written:

I've got to say that I agree that weirdo Stiggie. I completely love the everything about The State. Reno 911, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, etc. etc. are incredible. I watch The State thrice daily, so when I heard it was coming out on DVD I immediately set up a tent outside of my local video shoppe! That 4 months of living on the street in a tent was totally worth every second.

Now, after watching all 24 episodes several hundred times each, I have to say I was stuck to the edge of my seat in boyish cheer. Unlike what the flying monkey ass was getting at, I witnessed great talent on the level of comedic gods, and it was like sweet nectar and ambrosia to all my senses. The State simply was better than anything else ever in the history of anything that has ever been on television.

I find it hilarious that people are flaming that flyingmonkey dork. Did any of you actually read his posts? Oh man they were dumb right... He come's in here where us State hard core's hang out and runs his mouth about crap... what a loser!

I love my Mtv's the State shirt, and will never take it off.

Signed the biggest fan of the state in the whole world




Wow. Just wow. Paranoid conspiracy theory much? Like I care that much to create alternate identities to defend my point of view? It's just too insane to think that someone else on this planet might actually agree with me? Whatever dude.

And your juvenile "rewriting" of someone else's post? I'm sure you're exactly the kind of witty fan the guys of The State must be proud to have... (See, that's called sarcasm. I'll keep explaining this as we go along; try to keep up...)

BTW genius, OP stands for Original Poster, not the site/board OPerator as you seem to think it does.

Seriously man, what are you twelve? How in the world could you be such a fan of The State if you weren't even born when it first aired...?


"what's the deal with calling people who start a topic an "OP" anyway... i mean they just started a topic they don't actually operate the site in anyway or have the power to do anything official. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Riboflavin is difficult to incorporate into liquid products because it has poor solubility in water... and the State Rules" - stiggievandell

lol at stiggievandell's post. I don't think he knows what "OP" actually stands for.


Everyone who thinks is overrated - Show me far !

I think most of us were so excited for the DVD are really being nostalgic. I watched Season 1 and 2 so far. Its hit or miss, and some of the misses really miss. But the hits are classics to us who watched this show religiously. I watch the Pope-A sketch almost religiously on the Facebook fan page. I even went to a taping of it. Unfortunately most of those sketches were misses.


I like this show a lot but I'll agree, it's overrated...


OP = troll

I love the logic on this thread....."too many people like The State, which reflects badly on the show itself. The show would be better if fewer people liked it, because then it wouldn't be "overrated," and I could enjoy the show more. But since a lot of people "too highly" of it, that makes my enjoyment of it exponentially reduced."

Geeez, I'm glad I can like stuff without having to consider the opinions of complete strangers so crucial to the way I view the entertainment.


Why won't anyone allow someone else to have an opinion different than theirs on the internet? He didn't love it as much as everyone else. Big woop. Art is subjective, esp. comedy; just because someone didn't enjoy something as much doesn't mean that they didn't "get it." Personally my favorite sketch comedy show is Human Giant. Mr. Show and the State are tied for my number 2.

"Man, if I wanted to take tests, I would've been a boat captain."


he can HAVE a different opinion.....that's not what trolling is. Trolling is just posting something for the sole purpose of being a dick. He knew what kind of reaction he'd get.

BTW, if you want to throw out the old "everyone gets to have an opinion" defense, then that pretty much negates all debate about everything. That's a pu$$y defense.

Hey, how about this? If everyone's free to have his/her own opinion, how about I get to call OP an a$$hole and no one gets to give me sh!t about it? How about that?

OP is the one who showed up to pi$$ in the pool -- no one invited him. So how come he gets to be free to express an opinion, but anyone who dares to take issue with it is suddenly intolerant?


I agree with Paint. You don't come into a bunch of threads about the State, spew about how bad it is, and expect a fair reaction. Think about the kinds of people who frequent this forums....film and TV geeks, so they get defensive about what they like. Let's look even closer, think about the kinds of people that actively post on these forums.....even geekier. Think about how esoteric and cultish this show was and is....another layer of geekitude. Therefore, the kinds of super-nerds who are on this particular forum about a semi-obscure sketch comedy show are going to be super hardcore about it and be defensive who considers the show anything but pure genius. I for one do not agree with his opinions at all: "...than a multi-million dollar episode of The State or SNL..." as it has been said repeatedly, and is totally obvious, the State had a really REALLY tight budget...so shut up, you don't know what you're talking about.

I knew a girl from Minneapolis-St. Paul. She was known as "The Tail of Two Cities
-Groucho Marx



Oh, I didn't even address the troll remark in my original reply...

So, I'm the only person to ever go onto the IMDB message boards, and post something negative about a particular title? (And no, I know that's not what you stated, but...)

Do you consider all those other people have done that on other boards here trolls as well? I see so many differing opinions on plenty of boards here. I was just following what I saw as a common place practice.

Had I gone to a board titled "I love THE STATE!" or even replied to a message with the same title, then I'd be a troll.

But I went to a board titled "The State" where I thought people could openly discuss their opinion and such about the subject matter. So I did. And again, the board is for "The State" not for "People who love The State all others stay out!" Unless of course there's some sort rule in the terms of service I'm not aware of...

And people can have differing opinions from me. But I'm glad to have found a few voices chiming in with agreement. Believe it or not, I had no intention of mixing my urine with your chlorine, but for the record, we're all invited to post whatever we want about the given subject matter. If you wish to go post something negative about my favorite sketch show "Mr. Show" here at IMDB, have at it. I wouldn't consider you a troll. But you had best stay out of my "Mr. Show Is The Greatest Show Of All Time" board with a bad attitude, because then we'd have a problem.


you were not attempting to "openly discuss." You didn't say, "The State was a big hit with a lot of people, but I prefer Mr. Show. Your thoughts?" That would have been a precursor to a good discussion, because both shows had merit and a fervent fan base.

No, instead you came on and said (reading between the lines) that The State wasn't a very good show, and that anyone who likes it is less than discerning. Of course, you'll use the pu$$y response of, "That's not what I said!" but it IS what you implied, and if you didn't already know that, you're way stupider than I would have guessed. Your appreciation for Mr. Show tells me that you're not that big of an idiot.

This p!ssing contest won't go anywhere, so I'll make the obvious point that I was not telling anyone that they can't disagree with what makes good comedy and what makes bad comedy. Yet another pu$$y response = you playing yourself off as a poor picked-on victim....boo hoo hoo....they're not reacting the way I think they should! My civil rights are being violated! Help, help...I'm being repressed!

You were acting like a f&#kin DICK, and you know it. Just admit it. You came along to needle people who, while not affecing you in the SLIGHTEST way, like a show you don't like. It's that simple. Your intent was NOT to spur a discussion. You wanna know what you sounded like? Imagine there was a flyingmnky Family Reunion message board, and I came on & posted, "Flyingmnky's mother is a whore, and anyone who thinks she isn't is just stupid."

That's how you sounded. Quit acting like a victim. Act like the mature & intelligent person a fan of an excellent show like Mr. Show OUGHT to be. And don't bother trolling me again for a response -- you're the interloper here, not me. You're on Ignore now, kitten.



I had the long retort all ready to post then I deleted when I realized you're totally missing the point(s), mainly because you're doing the very thing you're accusing me of...

And I quote: "I'll make the obvious point that I was not telling anyone that they can't disagree with what makes good comedy and what makes bad comedy"
And this is after you wrote "Of course, you'll use the pu$$y response of, "That's not what I said!"

Wow. Hypocrite much?

But you know what, I admit I was a little frustrated at all the praise The State was receiving (and had been since it's inception), and posted that not so much looking for a stimulating discussion but to get it off my chest and air my grievances so to speak. Did I do it to intentionally be a dick/troll? Not so much. But it just seemed like the appropriate place to speak my mind about the show. It was a differing opinion from the majority, that's all.

And did I expect to welcomed with open arms? Eh, not so much. I expected people to leap to the shows defense. But did I sit back wringing my hands thinking "There! That oughta get 'em! MuhHAHAHAHA!" Nope. I have mostly replied to those that have erroneously painted me as an SNL fan or misquoted what I said.

Whatever dude. You've already jumped to the wrong conclusion and made up your mind about me. So be it. No reason to let some irrational person sitting in his momma's basement and their erroneous opinion about me ruin my day.



WTF? How in the hell did you glean that logic from this thread? Surely not from my original post.

If you're reading between the lines, well, you're not even looking at the lines I wrote, or anyone else who has posted in this thread as far as I can see.

I can assure you, I would consider The State more miss than hit no matter how many thought otherwise.

The fact that so many of my friends have been huge fans of it since it originally aired and there has been such a recent buzz about it coming out on DVD and not one dissenting voice among all the reviews of the show left me with the opinion it was overrated.

I would not enjoy the show any more or less based on the number of fans. It's the quality of the writing that affects how much I like or dislike this show.

See how that works?

So jump off your high horse but stop jumping to conclusions.


hey flying monkey... if you hate the state so much why are you constantly brooding over it's imdb page ...your secretly gay for the state aren't you

I can smell it right through you... you want to gay out with the state big time

i bet your covered in pudding right now, rubbing it all over your big hairy man chest goin' "awwww yeaaah"

if only the hole on the DVD disc was a bit thicker you could have your way with it

this is fun, now say something hilariously bad about me and we can go back and forth YEAY!!!!! :)


got it, watched it, BETTER then i remember!


I don't know that it's "overrated" -but it's very hit or miss. I'm half way through the 3rd season and have only laughed a few times. Which isn't to say it's awful (there are quite a few sketches that are entertaining without being funny) -but I definitely think the fact that the show has been unreleased for so long has built up it's reputation a bit more than it deserved. There are some great sketches in there, but they tend to be bogged down between a bunch of awful filler.

OR maybe it's just because I was introduced to the state via "Stella," so I was expecting more of that variety of humor. I have to confess that I laughed more at any random 5 minutes of Stella (or any random 5 minutes of Wet Hot American Summer) than the entire first season of The State.


Yeah back when it ran...and I was a teenager... I thought the state was hilarious. SO I netflixed it 10 years later... and its not funny at all. Every sketch is too much set up for not enough joke, and half of them just end up in yelling, or wrestling, or making a mess.

On the other hand I think that lots of them are funny people in stuff they do now, so I would watch a show if they put one together. Maybe with a half sized cast...