Alternate title?

Many years ago I read a book or magazine article that referred to a film called "The Addams Family Funhouse" wherein the Addams turn their home into a discoteque... the piece had a color photo of a scene from the film that wasn't from the original series... it wasn't black & white, and Wednesday was older (perhaps a teen)? Does anyone know if this film had "Addams Family Funhouse" as an alternate title?


The Addams Family Fun-House

In late 1972, ABC produced a pilot for a musical variety show titled The Addams Family Fun-House. The cast included Jack Riley and Liz Torres as Gomez and Morticia (the pair also co-wrote the special), Stubby Kaye as Uncle Fester, Pat McCormack as Lurch and Butch Patrick as Pugsley. The pilot aired in 1973, but was not picked up for a series.

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