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Why was Carolyn listed as Special Guest Star in the opening credits?

She was in a good bulk of the special so it wasn't like she was only in two scenes or something.

I saw the reviews this got and thought it would've been really, really bad. It kinda wasn't. I thought it was interesting and definitely worth watching. Thanks for any/all replies. :)



good question

might have been coz she had just taken a seven year hiatus from acting


Thats really odd. No explanation is ever given.


I know that in On Going TV Shows 'Special Guest' or 'Guest Star' is a Loophole that allows those actors to film Pilots and audition for otherwise schedule conflicting Roles (Think Locklear on Melrose Place in the 90s)

Not sure what it means for a one off TV movie...

as noted by the other poster, Ms. Jones having been 'retired' for several years and coming back for the reunion, it could easily have been an added 'thank you', as I doubt the project would have been approved (for better or worse) without Morticia, or a re-cast, or dare I say 'Fake Shemping'

-- her apparent Dual Role, as implied by the Credits here may have been a factor

then again it could simply be to call attention to her name, like the More Common "with" "and" or "____ as ____"; where the last actor listed is set apart from the others


Think this was common for TV productions as a way to indicate should there be a new series that the Special player would not be part of it. Means just a one shot and new actor would play the character if show does return.
This is sort of a 6.5/10 but for fans 7.5/10 with a broad taste for schtick. I mean they throw in side plots (even play on Mikey commercial) that use the prevailing pop iconography that might not translate today but is still nostalgia TV style fun.
Just keep a low bar of expectation.