I just rented this one from Blockbuster Online and was floored by this director. Only one other title by this director is available in the US, and I plan on watching it. This is probably the best "unknown" work by a director I have ever come across. It is clear the directors likeness to Bergman or Bresson, and I would say this film holds its own among those two masters. This was the most refreshing surprise I've had in a long time. What did you think of the film?

By the way, I am so impressed by Facets putting out these all-but-forgotten gems. Yes, the transfers are crap, but at least they are putting them out there for people to see.


Second-Run has released Valley of the Bees and two other Vlácil titles on Region 2 DVDs. The transfers are excellent.

For those who are interested in Vlácil's work, but who are locked into some other DVD marketing region, consider switching to a multi-region playback system. It's cheap. It's easy. And gaining the freedom to buy any DVD in the world is like being let out of a cage.

50 Underseen Movies:


Excellent film overall, but I particularly liked the use of sound.


The quality of the black and white photography and use of sound reminded me very much of The Cremator. An atmopsheric and disturbing film. I'm not sure I understand it entirely.

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