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a quick word about the DVD.....

I recently purchased a German DVD of the film on Amazon. For those who go this route, beware, the version is in a European format, PAL, which is different to the that of U.S. DVDs. Though it wouldnt play on my Sony DVD machine, it played perfectly well on both my Dell Laptop and my XBox 360......on the up side, the film itself is a clear and sharp black and white letterbox print....on the down side, all the menus are in German, and though there is an English subtitle option, it is slightly inadequate, in that the written dialogue appears several beats behind the speakers in the film, sometimes even after the scene has changed....and the words are often compressed together in strange ways (example: "weare travelling toalpha centauri".) Sometimes the words are flashed on the screen so fast you can't read them....For Scifi diehards, however, these flaws are forgivable.....and I found the film enjoyable.


if you're gonna watch it on a computer anyway, the VLC media player allows you to accelerate or delay the subtitles as you wish

I'm not sure if you have to rip the DVD to the hard drive for that to work, or if it works with straight DVD playback. in any case, the feature is available

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