this is how I got my dvd of the movie

I had been hoping to run into a copy of this movie for more than twenty years since the last time I had seen it on PBS (channel 13 in New York). I found myself in the website of a company called Alibris ( originally looking for something else and entered the name in the website search on the off chance that it would be available as the company bills itself as a place to find obscure books/videos/dvd's and lo and behold, it came up as available. So, of course, I ordered it on line then and there. The dvd is issued by Kino on Video "The Best in World Cinema" ( as part of it's "The American Film Theatre" series.

I don't know how many copies of it are out there, but if you're looking for it -try those two websites and goodluck to you!

If you are able to get a hold of it, please respond to this post. I would like to know if my post was of any help to you. Thanks.


I rented it from Netflix. Seems maybe it's a bit easier to come by now.



I live in the UK, but having tried my 3 favorite price comparison sites to see who was selling the UK release the cheapest (The Hut for £12.85: -paris/98893.html) I still found it cheaper to buy the Australian edition through Amazon Germany! I love bargain hunting on the internet...

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