seriously underrated

I see all these lists that try to rank Linklater's films and this is always near the bottom of everyone's list. This and Before Sunrise are my favorite Linklater movies, probably. I love it. Despite the alienated 1990's landscape, it is still relevant to our time. Tim would totally be a trump supporter.


It's one of his most underrated works for sure, not sure it's anywhere near his best work. I think the downbeat feel and following two stone wall classic films in Dazed and Confused and Before Sunrise didn't help it either. The fact it's not got a proper DVD or Blu Ray release is probably leading to it's neglect by critic's on these list's.

It's the comedown piece to the upper of Dazed and Confused, the characters in Confused are for the most part like-able and the film is just a celebration in a way, throw in a top notch soundtrack and a young hip cast and you get a classic that it is today. SubUrbia character's aren't all that like-able (I don't have a problem with it, but some people want their characters to become like-able over the film) and the film starts of with a few laughs but gradually a bleaker feel comes over the film.

Some great performances from Giovanni Ribsi (who's sister was in Dazed and Confused), the underrated Steve Zahn (some might find his character Buff annoying), Amie Carey (who hasn't acted in much since) and Park Posey and Nick Katt return from Dazed and Confused cast (interesting they both played the more unlike-able pair in that film). Great eerie soundtrack from Sonic Youth.

This would make a really good triple bill with Dazed and Confused (70's) and Everybody wants Some!! (80's) .