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Tim blaming Nazeer for Bee Bee

just because he is racist and dislikes brown people who are better off than he is. LOL! How could Nazeer be held accountable for her OD-ing on his roof? He just wanted to blame him for something. And I'm not talking about some *beep* argument brought forth by a lawyer. I know people have been sued because someone got injured in their front yard. I mean in that moment, how can you blame a convenient store owner because your friend went up to his roof and OD'ed while none of her friends were watching and seemed to forget about her for most of the night? What control does he have in that situation to prevent it?

It was the most annoying part of the movie.

"My depressed friend took drugs on your roof and died after you asked us to leave for being useless, entitled, whiners, and it's your fault!"


That was the point. Tim spends his life trying to call people out on their s*it, and when s*it really does hit the fan - he drops a deuce and starts pointing his finger at somebody - anybody other than himself. He was never going to do anything with the gun, he needed the audience.

I don't think he's a racist either. He hates himself and takes it out on other people, the fact that the store owner is brown helps to create a separation. I don't see a guy like Tim being bothered to go out on Stormfront or wearing a cloth.

Death is the standard breach for a complex prize.


Tim was the one who argued with people just to argue, not Jeff (Giovanni Ribisi). Look at the beginning where Jeff says have pity on the clerk guy because he comes from the third world and had it rough. Tim then rebukes him asking him "what do u know about the third world? Have u ever been there?" And then he basically admits that it's miserable, crowded, dirty, smelly, etc. So, what was his point in arguing except to mess with Jeff and to act like he knows more than Jeff because he passed through the third world briefly and Jeff can't know just as much or more from reading books, talking to other people, taking classes, watching documentaries, etc.


Suburbia is a depressing place and has been proven that people are less productive and several times more likely to die (from car accidents, crime, and diseases combined) than in an urban area like New York City. I am reading the book "Walkable City: how downtown can save America one step at a time" and makes this case and many others against suburbia convincingly. It is a massive waste of resources, space and potential, which makes people miserable and was built on a lie.

Henry Ford said "we shall solve the city problem by leaving the city." Ha! He just created a dozen different problems like traffic jams, sprawl, pollution, smog, peak oil, climate change, depression, greed, lower productivity and creativity, emptiness, materialism, narcissism, etc. People didn't solve any problem by fleeing to the suburbs from the city to escape black people like cowards and racists. (White flight.) now the smart people are coming back to the walkable cities like Portland, Seattle, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis while the sprawl cities are rotting, their home value is plummeting, and they are left with their alienation and isolation.


Well he could have made it harder to climb up on the dumpster and get on the roof by say pushing it away from the building. Legally he could be accountable if some kid climbed up and fell and got hurt probably. Running a convenience store is useless. You are selling junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, lotto and so on. How is that useful to anybody or to society? Calling Tim useless misses the point. The suburbs are 90% useless businesses and useless people who hate their jobs and their lives.


He couldn't, of course. However ignorant people say all kinds of stuff like that.

But what do I know. I'm just a girl.