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Did any of them learn anything?

I just watched this, maybe I need to re-watch, but none of the characters really grow throughout the movie. I like Linklater's D&C because while it is subtle many of the characters do grow within less than 24 hours. Whereas in this film I don't really see that. Or was that the point? Maybe Jeff did I guess..

Also did anyone else find Buff to be insanely annoying. I wanted someone to punch him in the face.


Yeah that was the point, rather than growing these characters are just stuck where they are and with the exception of a couple of them, this movie depicts how their lives are probably gonna stay. It really is a pretty dark movie but it's one of my favorites.


The story takes place in one night. Just how much is anyone supposed to grow?


there is nothing to learn. as depicted in movie, life (everyone's) and all values are meaningless.

going away as some do, or being born elsewhere, wont really make much difference, nor working hard like the store clerk does. nothing matters.

it is a nihilistic movie/play. and not some inspirational video to motivate you to believe and work harder.

and all the characters were meant to be annoying


I think the closest one is Jeff. At the end when the clerk yells they are throwing their lives away, Jeff looks up as if it might resonate with him, or at least give him though. Its not really a great epiphany of a moment, in fact it could also be construed as nothing more than moment of confusion and "huh?" on Jeff's part but that's the closest this film gets.

But what do I know. I'm just a girl.