Dina Meyer

It kills me how when this came out, everyone made such a big deal out of Denise Richards who absolutely annoyed the hell out of me in this movie. About how she was the “hot new thing” & how gorgeous & what a babe she was & Dina wasn’t even a thought in most people’s minds.

Had to put my friends straight, found myself saying “What movie did YOU watch? Are you men? Do you have two testicles that work? “

How could you sit through this & only have Denise Richards on your lips? Dina Meyer is second fiddle to nobody & you should see the movies where she’s really made up. Richards wasn’t really that big a deal in this.

Hey I saw some God awful movie the other day called “Tammy & the T-Rex” which I learned was her first starring role when she first started out & she was much prettier & sultry (due to the character she played) than in this.
So I never knew what the big deal was.


She was Diz? If so, yeah, she made the movie. She added a whole dimension to the movie that made it more than what I just saw last night with the last Star Wars movie's idiocy. Richards was OK too, but he character was exactly what you said.


Dina was a much better character, and the men who I've watched the movie with much preferred her as there is the tent scene and the shower scene.