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Question for historians.....

I read somewhere that Queen Victoria was shot at about four times? Any reason in particular? Does anyone know if that was before or during the time she was friends with Brown? I was surprised at the number of attempts, if that is true.


It seems strange that the life of a monarch so deservedly popular should have been so often attempted, yet it is the fact that Queen Victoria has been shot at several times and once beaten with a cane! It is of no comfort to think that cases of downright insanity has prompted 9 attacks from 1840-1872. Only one involved Brown, as seen in the movie, but he was never the cause of one.

I actually earlier wrote a description of every attack, attacker, etc along with some of her worst decisions that was quite good, I think, only to accidently erase the whole bloody thing when my husband texted asking if I wanted sweet tea! If you'd like a more detailed description I will do it again. Just let me know how much info was wanted. Basically all but 2, I think, were without bullets and 8 by those found mentally ill.

Queen Victoria had a habit of devoting herself completely to men who showed her great loyalty. Not only was she called Mrs. Brown late in life but Mrs. Melbourne in the early years of her reign.

Btw, on the 10th of September this year Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest ruling monarch of England!?