So unrealistic on so many levels. A cover up, three kidnappings, beatings, a mother who is oblivious, choosing sides with the sorority over her daughter's suspicion of foul play regarding her best friend's death (who I assume the mother had known all the girl's life...they were girl scouts together), laboratory evidence revealing the other sorority girls lied about the victim's alcohol consumption, the writing all over her body, a less than enthusiastic police detective regarding all this information...I could go on and on.

A bunch of college students would not get away with chewing their gum, twirling their hair like dumb blondes and uttering "I don't knowwww". If police are investigating someone's death, they don't let you off the hook that easily..ESPECIALLY when the lab results prove you are lying. Period. On top of all that, Lisa is kidnapped, thrown into a van (by people who don't even bother to hide their faces), her boyfriend is beaten (twice in the movie) and no one calls the police? "I've been looking for you all night!" Um, yeah, ok.

Too bad, I liked the cast here, but the plausibility of the way this plays out is a lot of horse frockey.

Maybe, this movie is good if you are 13, and have no clue how the world and the law works...but as a reasonable worldly adult, it's ridiculous.

"Ok, I don't have any Halston dresses, idiot. It's not 1979!"