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Why is she 'on trial' under an inquest?

They are subjecting her to a public inquest because she submits a report that shows something happened? Scientists don't believe that a wormhole in spacetime is plausible or that there is zero scientific bases for her experience?

Worst is, they are actively aggressive towards her?

Makes little sense.


It's been years since I've seen it but I have a feeling it was because of all the investment, time and money spent making the thing, and yet she has nothing except her own word to show for it. People want answers and are looking for someone to blame.


It's reality.

Kitts was looking for a political position - senator or governor or maybe even President with this as a launchpad. I mean - think Giuliani - dude was a scumbag dud and used 9/11 for his Presidential ambitions. Something Andrew Cuomo is going for now. People like them always want something in public to shout and scream and appear heroic for their own gain.

She claimed that she was gone for 18 hours so what better than to prove those "eggheads" wrong. A term he's used before.

I mean, scientists would've backed her up along with the 18hr digital recording report which will leak and come out soon vindicating her and making her to be a hero. It is too big a news to be kept down.

But think about the vast number of people - the billions who are not near this info nor privy to this. They would think it is a gigantic waste of time and $500 billion when people could've had their lives changed with this money. Of course many are in the US and think that way and wanted an inquisition.