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"Digital microchip, good for thousands of hours of recording"

What... the... f-ck???

Are we talking about some super high-capacity memory chip, like multiple microSD chips joined together? In 1997?

Also, how come the recording is shown as "snow" or "white noise"? If it's digital and the camera had failed to work or was blocked from working by the aliens, there should be nothing in the bitstream at all - snow/white noise, which is an analogue phenomenon, takes a massive toll on MPEG-based recording.

How did the book describe this fabled microchip?

Why are you here if you haven't seen the movie yet?


No reception on older TV sets resulted in static. That's what most people would be familiar with in 1997.

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I thought exactly the same thing...."digital microchip" is redundant and meaningless, there is no sensible explanation. This has to be excused "because movie", i.e. it's a plot device to show that 18 hours passed. This is the kind of issue that script advisers should have picked up on and posited a better way of phrasing it. There's a few instances like this in the movie, as there are in many sci-fis, very few manage to get the phraseology 100% authentic.


I would just like to point out that microchips (integrated circuits) can be analog OR digital.



Maybe at 120x90 resolution!


There is plenty of technology that is available now but isn't mainstream because of the extremely high cost to mass produce. They clearly had an unlimited budget given the context.