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Screenplay/Script in English


This may be a long shot but I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of the screenplay/script for Brat. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online. Anyone have any clues?

Any help will be appreciated.



My best guess is that unless you request an interpeter who would translate the original script in russian to you, the chances of u getting a screenplay in english are very dim. In fact i can be sure that they are 0%. Because the film is in russian, was made in russia, and also due to the fact that the Director and Danila (*edit-sorry, the guys realy name is Sergei Bodrov)died recentley (i think it was 2003-they were buried under an avalanche in filming of Brat 3) their assets, screenplays included are pretty much frozen. And even getting the script in russian would be hard enough, im not aware of a lot of sites which would willingly give out scripts, and because the "giving out the script to the general public" thing is not practised in russia to the best of my knowledge-im sorry but i really suggest its a waste of time to search for it. Contrary thoguh if u did find it, hats off to ya, I just dont know if a lot of other russian movies would have their scripts in public.


odd how the director put out films in 2009 & 2010 from his snowy grave.

Danila, on the other hand, does indeed appear to be toast
or at least long term MIA,_Jr.

If I wanted a script, I'd be corresponding with Balabanov's STV Film Company