Throughout the film, a lot of proverbs are used. Are there any Russians here who could explain some of them? There's especially one used by Kruglyj when he is in Sveta's apartment, "lyobish medok lyobi i kholodok" (If you like honey, like and cold?).

N.B. I tried to use Cyrillic, but it messed the post up. So I transcribed it to Latin.


+ Medok here is med, but not honey, it's mead - brewed alcoholic beverage, based on honey. The translation (verbatim) is - "if you like mead [to get dead drunk], you should like cold [if you're dead drunk, you'll be placed at cold, to sober up]". The meaning is "if you do something, be ready to face the consequences".

Previous one is ancient and also this one:

+ Ne tot shastliv u kogo mnogo dobra, a u kogo zhena verna. Means: Happy man is not the one who has loads of welfare, but one with a devoted wife.

Other stuff, funny and new-era creations from film is:

+ Beri noshu po sebe, shtob ne padat pri hodbe. If you pick a load that matches you, you won't fall while walking.

+ Zhizn visit na nitke, a dumaet o pribytke. Means> His is risking his life, but still
thinks of what he will gain.

+ Pozhivesh podolshe, uvidish pobolshe. Means> Should you live longer - should you see more.

Enjoy using them :) :)


Thanks a lot, those are great! Especially the first one, which as it turns out makes a lot of sense.


These aren't really proverbs, just thoughts that the character came up with.