Great Film

I just finished watching Brat and enjoyed every minute of it. I heard there is a part 2, so I am definately going to check that out.

Any suggestions on other movies like Brat?

btw, I watched Brat at (which is a great site, all movie lovers should check it out)


"Brat" is an excellent film which reflects the realities of Russia during the Yeltsin era (1990s). "Brat 2" is also a good film, but to be honest I found it to be weaker than the first film. It's full of humour and memorable moments as well, but it happens in the USA, so to me and I think to many other fans it seemed like an attempt to turn it into a blockbuster.

Another good film similar to "Brat" is called "Bumer" - a slang word for BMW. I haven't seen the second "Bumer", but I heard that it was very weak compared to the first one. You'll also understand why making the second part of "Bumer" was not a good idea, once you watch the first one.


It most certainly a great film, a classic in my humble opinion. The acting was superb, the film really captures Russia in the 90s a broken country in economic and social turmoil. You can’t help but like Danilya the lead character he despite the madness surrounding him he maintains his honour and dignity.

“What’s good for the Russian is death for the German”


The second Brat film is a bad attempt at popularizing it.

I found this one to me only mediocre in the story. It was interesting, but nothing too special.


wprcf1014, it has been several years since you posted this, but if you ever read this thread again, then you could watch a similar film, called "Reketir" ("Racketeer"). It tells a story of a young man who had to survive in Kazakhstan in 1990s and early 2000s. The story is narrated to the viewers by the main character. Here is the link to the film's page on IMDB:


It sure was! Lately, the movie is reminding me somewhat of the "Bourne" movies. But with less Big League cloak and dagger, more down to earth.

The main character, both as written and as acted were supurb. He's so likeable, you forget that he's a cold-blooded killer.

It's easy to imagine how this could have some sequels, but also hard to imagine making anything as good.

I love it when I discover a superb movie that I never heard of. I watched it without subtitles, not knowing a word of Russian, but followed it without any problem. That's how good it is.