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Great document of post-soviet Russia

I first saw this film somewhere in the late 1990s and back then I didn't quite notice it. But now, as watched it again, I realized what a good historical document this film is. A document of Russia not long after Soviet Union had broken down and the whole society was in chaos. Notice, in one scene there is a car standing without any wheels - probably implying that the wheels had been stolen. Also notice how people use two currencies. Sometimes when buying something they talk about huge sums of money - then they talk about roubles, for instance a CD costs some 50,000 roubles. But sometimes they talk about much smaller sums - then it's dollars, the hard currency. But on top of that, the fine for travelling without a ticket is only 7 roubles, and the two immigrant crooks don't even bother to pay that sum - implying the low status and weakness of government structures.


I agree 100% even if the impression is bound to be skewed somewhat by my American eyes. The sequel is also good at showcasing the changes that came after a few years.

My 'skewed' comment has to do with it not only being a different time, but a look at a different place.

I watched the movie without subtitles, not knowing any Russian, and didn't feel lost. That's a sure sign of a well-told story of universal meaning.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed both of these movies, and their charismatic, sympathetic characters. It kickstarted a binge of Russian culture I'm currently into. I can't get enough of it now. What a fascinating people, with their contradicting mixture of refinement, intelligence, and brutality.


By western eyes. I never knew about these movies until a Russian friend online told me about them. At first watch i could not understand what was so special about them. Then when it got to know more about Russia and its history i can understand that these movies plays an important part in their culture. They are Russian movies made for Russians. As seen as international action movies, they are probably some of the worst made.