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Season 10 episode 6 - 200

Is there a current thread for this? Can't seem to find one, but I love how they both take the proverbial out of themselves and how everything around the show, but that last scene with the actor pretending/playing teal'c was different.

I must have watched this entire show at least 5 times over the years. It's a long haul... lol, but still some episodes stick out. You feel almost nostalgic, melancholy watching this episode.

ahhhh, one day they will make a sci-fi show that rivals it, that is not cancelled, that doesn't end suddenly (Firefly, I'm looking at you) and carries on to a fruition worthy of a staunch fan base.

One can dream, can't they? One can dream....


HUGE thread here:


Ahh Cheers for that, I didn't even think about gateworld.

Too used to how IMdB used to work, where people would go on and on for ages :)

Thanks mate!!

In Nomine You et al !! ;)