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Season 5 Ending - Not Buying it

I refuse to accept the ending in Season 5.

Michael may have left to raise Adam,
but he came back for Nikita and they
did escape Section One.

Because I won't accept anything less.



Hear, hear! Just saw the ending myself, and I was sooo disappointed. I couldn't believe she got stuck with Section and Michael left. Completely depressing.

"Dude, you're confusing reality with porn again."



I much preferred the season 5 finale to the season 4 finale, thank God the show was given those 8 episodes to finish the show.


I disagree.

The show was "NEVER" finished. It was left open and we as LFN Fans deserve "Closure" to "OUR" show.

Not a stupid remake.

As for those who wanted one or the other of Nikita and or Michael dead or forever apart, then you need to go over to the "REMAKE" and maybe it will be more to your taste.



The New Nikita IS NOT a remake of LFN, they are BOTH based off the 1990 movie "La Femme Nikita" written by Luc Besson in 1990 and it's set in France, not the US. Go watch it, you will not be disappointed.


Then why use the names "Michael" and "Birkhoff"?

I'm not going to ever watch it.

Warner Brothers created the new show to "Stick" it to the Old LFN Fans, because they never supported LFN 100 percent like they are doing for your show!

As I said before the "New" show is nothing more than a remake of our LFN Series.

If you get rid of the Michael name and the Birkhoff name, maybe then I would buy it, but since Warner Brothers is never going to do that I'm never going to accept it "Ever"!!!

Warner Brothers didn't like the fact that we wanted more episodes of the LFN Show and they didn't like the fact we supported it so much.

They didn't like the "Fact" that one of the LFN Fans took out a full page ad in one of the Hollywood magazines demanding more episodes.

And the only person who was behind LFN the Series 100 percent was a guy who worked for USA Network at the time and they fired him probably at Warner Brothers request.

Then there was the Budget. LFN the series barely had one, unlike your show.

They wanted to make sure that the show wouldn't continue and or be syndicated.

Peta Wilson did much of the promoting of LFN, she was on every talk show there was practically.

Warner Brothers never went out of their way to promote the show. We didn't get any posters, T-shirts, or other things with LFN on it.

So do I sound as though I've been taken to the cleaners by WB you "BET"!!!

And thousands around the world feel ripped off too as WB never showed the full 5 seasons in a lot of the Countries. They showed maybe 1 or 2 Seasons, but then they cut it off.

Also WB begrudged us having LFN Conventions and someone creating T-Shirts with the LFN Logo on them.

WB knew practically from the first day they were going to do this and basically used the people (fans and actors alike) to see what would sell to the "youth of america".

I will "Never" accept the "New" show (I refuse to use LFN or Nikita to name the New show) as part of the LFN story.

And if you didn't know it, CW is owned by Warner Brothers Studio.

Am I mad? Hell yeah!!!

And you would be too if WB did this to you and you know it!!!

Oh by the way the "French Movie La Femme Nikita" never had an operative named Michael and never had a computer nerd named Birkhoff.

You lose the two names to your show that came from our show and I might... I said might, change my mind.

Also one more thing, in the French Movie, the Mentor's name was "Bob" he may have been in love with Nikita, but Nikita was never in love with "Bob".



I watched the movie twice. It is pretty good, but the show LFN was better. I don't think I said it before, but its one of those rare times when a remake is better than the original. Plus the SL from the movie and the show is very different, but LFN fans should watch it.


Me too but at the same time I was really sad watching the ending.

Few days ago I finished watching the show again, and still nowadays for me it´s really hard watching the finale, I don´t enjoy it. People say that the ending is open, but in my mind it is very hard that Michael and Nikita will get together again, when does a son stop needing a father?


I agree. I think the way it ended implied it wasn't over between Michael and Nikita. Michael tells Nikita that one day his son won't need him as much which implies they will be together again.

Throughout the series conditions always worked against them but they persevered and ended up being together anyway. If anything Nikita being the new "Operations" might give her more power and latitude to meet up with Michael again.


Lol...I agree, Dark Raven. But least they left it open for a "sequel" of sorts. I would absolutely enjoy picking up where the series finale left off say, 10-15 years in to the future.

Judge no and accept everyone.


I've only watched the season 5 finale once but it was enough to leave me gutted. I watch the other episodes over and over but i can't watch that "ending" again, it sucks.

I always thought that when it ended they would run off together. When they are at the train station and he gets on board the train i just kept shouting jump on it with him, jump. What confuses me is how she can just watch him leave after everything that they went through to be together she just let him go without her.
I never doubted through all 5 seasons that Michael loved her, that no matter what he wanted to be with her, so what confuses me is how he could leave without her, i know that he had Adam to think of but they still could have been together. I always thought that no matter what, that at the end they would fins a way to be together.

And i know that some of you are saying that they left it open but why, they knew that they were not going to get another season. This was there chance to finish it cleanly. To give us fans a proper ending for the couple and they completely copped out and went for an ending that they had to know would upset us.

In my opinion either she should have jumped on the train and left with him to start a new life or he and Adam should have stayed with her and helped her to make section into a better place. Either one would have made me happy.

live and let live


I disagree.
LFN was not about having a happy ending, at least not as the writers were concerned.
Season 4's ending showed that pretty well, but a lot of the fans were not happy about it so they came back with a compromise.

Overall I thought the ending was pretty fitting and ironic in a bittersweet kind of way.

Michael who lived for Section and wanted Operations job got (had) to leave it and live a normal life, while Nikita who never wanted to be there and was framed to get there continued and actually took over the very place she so wanted to get away from.



I can't say I hated by any means but it was the weakest of all the seasons.
Also thought it was pity to not let that AWSOME ending in season 4 stand as back than it was something pretty unorthodox and brave.

But as I said the final ending was a fair compromise I thought.


I agree with serving_water, when you consider everything that happens in this show, then it makes total sense that Nikita ends up where she does, running Section. I found the show's finale very satisfying, especially compared to the season 4 finale. I think they definitely made the right choice when coming up with the Season 5 story because Section was never really bad, per se, but was being run by the wrong people. I also liked Mr. Jones comment which I am paraphrasing, "Nobody wants to be in Section one, but some belong there."

On another note, did anyone else see Peta Wilson's appearance on The Finder? I thought it was kind of neat because her character almost seemed like what I'd expect from the future Nikita, not bad, just colder. There's a show I wished had continued on because I got the sense she would have worked as 'the nemesis' to the main character of that show. Such a shame.


I have never liked the ending of Season 5, although I was pleased that they continued, I felt that there was no real effort to deal with the main characters. I also don't think that Peta was that invested in it at that point. so sad; such a great show that deserved a much better ending.


I understand it was a terrible ending for many fans and especially many that "shipped" Michael/Nikita. Also, the ending--any ending perhaps--would have been more satisfying if they weren't forced to cut LFN's overall series vision short.

Personally, I did not like the ending, but it made sense in terms of both show's tone and also Nikita's story arc--her constant struggle to be free and yet ending in the same position she hated. Also there was a fantastic reversal where many fans anticipated that Michael would end up as the new Operations eventually, but instead that fell to Nikita.

There was never going to be a happily ever after, but at least both of the lead characters survived. For such a dark show, in today's television writing, odds are at least one of them would have been killed (probably Michael). Still, it was a very bleak ending in many ways, but that was part of the show's excellence in a strange sense. No other series so far has quite achieved the phenomenal ingredients that made LFN unique in tone, execution, and writing (most of the time anyway).



In a perfect world, they would've rode off into the sunset together, but like you said, that wouldn't have been in keeping with the tone of the show.

While I would've liked otherwise, I felt the series finale was rather fitting.
Still...I cry every time I watch those final scenes.


Wish it lasted longer.....