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Any Pretender fans here?

I've made a similar thread on The Pretender page, asking about people who watch La Femme Nikita. Personally I am a fan of both and have no favorite, and for those who watch both, how do you feel the shows compare/differ, aside from both having characters sent to work for organizations and made to fit any identity they choose?

P.S. Nikita is my favorite female protag ever!

Karina Licursi ~


You found me my dearest!!! I'm a huge fan of both series and I always said that both shows are very similar!! Ahhhh, they don't make shows like this anymore. Too bad

Nikita and Miss Parker are in my Top 3 Favorite TV characters!


Me. I love them both, but prefer La Femme Nikita. I think it has better dialogues and more of a strong but constantly intriguing characters. The thing that's most in common of these two - they're both very much underrated. La Femme Nikita, I suppose, because of coming from Canada.