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Just Started Watching - Does It Ever Get Deeper?

I just started watching this series after being curious about it for years. I am about five episodes in and I am enjoying it on a surface level, but I am worried that it won't ultimately have enough depth to sustain my interest and attention.

Without giving spoilers, can someone please let me know if this show will actually pay off beyond "hot chick kills terrorists"? As the show progresses, can I expect some story arcs to emerge rather than each episode essentially being the same formula of identification of a terror plot and then foiling the plot at the last minute? Will the motivations and background of the characters, especially Nikita and Michael, be explored more?

They Live. We Sleep.


There is a lot about their backgrounds etc. during whole show.


Be's very, very dark and quite bleak. The trade-off is the chemistry between Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis, which is electric.

I think I'll have a large order of prognosis negative.