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Sandra before she became a pretentious Oscar winner.

Ahhh, those were the days, when she was young, hot and would take any role that came her way.

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It's young enough, to anyone that's not an age obsessed freak, such as yourself.


Sandra was 30 when she filmed this.


Actually she was 32. They just mention she's 30 in the movie. Check her BIO.

Same for Denis, who was actually 39 playing a 35 year old.

This is a common practice, but this time they repeatedly mention their ages throughout the movie, which brought this interesting fact to my attention:

characters RARELY (think of the realm of ALL movies) state their age, the audience always has to assume, guess or simply figure out by comparing movie stars bios to movie release dates...

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday


It's a cute movie but Denis Leary was so unlikeable through much of it that I wanted Sandra to end up with the bad guy until they found out he was a bad guy.

It was still a cute movie, though.