Anyone know where I can see this online or download it?


Here is a review so you will FEEL like you've seen it...

Movie Reviews.


i wanna see this more now

back then when i posted this many many years ago, even forgotten i had, i wanted to see it for the Maggie G cameo

and now there's a few more names i know since then....

but now, Brett Cullen being in it, whom idk from Lost but remember from Person of Interest and Revenge in particular although i've seen him in other stuff

Alexa Vega, i remembered the name but didn't really remember her, i saw her in The Tomorrow People & other things apparently & after youtubing, i remember the char now from The Tomorrow People, but she has the forgettable type of pretty face for me (plain hottie) as i call them

Kevin Dunn - face i always remember but don't remember his char specifically in anything

but most of all, the reason i want to see this now is Heather Locklear after seeing her in Melrose Place more recently and the interesting story that goes with it

the only scary thing about it is how not well known or findable it is, makes me wonder if although it looks interesting, will it end up being forgettable after etc...