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Another Black Female Judge

Boy, has Hollywood overdone this!


People in power need to be black and females, because it's realist.. because it is the safest, politically-correct thing to do, so no one can blame them for anything.

Interestingly, even in an early 1980s British TV comedy "Yes, Minister" pointed out the hypocrisy of 'affirmative action' and inequality - it said something like people want to find a disabled black woman to fill some governmental position, and Humphrey Appleby replies something like "We'd ALL like to find one of THOSE!"

This was in the early eighties.. it proves how things have basically 'always' been skewed and black people and women have always been in a pedestal when it comes to pleasing the politically-correct corporate overlords that control people's opinions and values.

We're all equal, but black people, especially females, have always (well, in the media landscape's version of 'always' anyway) been more equal than others.

(Please don't bring the 'slavery' argument, as it's more complicated than displayed - white people were also enslaved, but no one talks about that, and black people were also slave owners, but you are not allowed to even think that, and some slaves were relatively 'happy', even though slavery is wrong - slavery has also brought prosperity to certain societies that couldn't have flourished back in the day otherwise, like the ancient Greek societies that really took good care of their slaves - sometimes I think I'd rather live as a slave in ancient Greece than a free (this word also has so many meanings, it's hard to even define anymore) entity in the modern times.

Yes, slavery is wrong, and black people were ALSO used as slaves quite a lot in history, but there were SO many others as well, this argument still wouldn't contradict anything I said in any major way)


Now that you mention it, that is a common trope


I don't know about that - what I remember is the actress who played the black judge in "Primal Fear". I'm going to look up her name:

Ok, Alfre Woodard

I've seen her here and there - I think she's a fantastic actress. I don't know if she's ever been nominated. Seems like she never got the big time role that would put her squarely on the A list. It certainly isn't for lack of talent cuz she's terrific.