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Jeff Bridges - Handsome and Likable

I watched this again with a friend yesterday (both down with colds/allergies = chick flick fest!) and she was surprised at how gorgeous JB is in this movie. I told her, hell, JB has always been a handsome and likable guy, and reminded her of his '80s movies, after which we watched Jagged Edge. So I popped in here today to see if others were surprised, and it looks to be the case. I'm guessing a lot of people know him only as "The Dude" and aren't too familiar with the movies he made in quick succession a decade prior.

JB was never sexier than he was in Against All Odds opposite Rachel Ward (uhh, the scene in the Mayan sweat lodge?!), and a close second was Jagged Edge opposite Glenn Close. Some also found him endearingly handsome in Starman opposite Karen Allen (count me in). 1984/85 were some very good years for him. I was in my late teens then and we were all just drooling over the guy—my friends and our moms—everybody loved him. Hell, even my dad thought he was a good guy. And ten years later in Faces he was as gorgeous and likable as ever.

I met his mom and dad and Beau in the mid '80s—shared a dinner table with them and Bob Loggia at a charity event—and they were all as nice as can be... full of laughs and such. (Jeff was off on a press junket for... I think it was Jagged Edge.) The Lloyd Bridges I met was definitely the guy from Airplane! more than anything. And his mother was adorable and protective, it was funny: Beau had left the table momentarily, and Mrs. B said, "It's too bad Jeff couldn't join us," and explained where he was. I said, "It would've been great to meet him as well. He's such a hot ticket I'm not surprised he's not here. We all love him and his movies! Just love him." And she said, "So does his wife!" (?!) That made my date and me laugh. Pretty cute, the mom making sure we all knew Jeff was married. Later, my date jokingly chastised me for daring to hit on Jeff Bridges from afar right in front of him. :-)


Movies are like wine: There's not a lot you need to know, you either like it or you don't.


Nope! I'm older and remember Jeff Bridges from when he was a young fellow. Now he looks a lot like his father, Lloyd Bridges, who I knew remember from a series called Sea Hunt (which ran from 1958 to 1961. Jeff did a 4 shows with his father then (he would have been around 8 or 9 years old), and also appeared on The Lloyd Bridges Show a few times as a boy. He was also in Tron, Starman (some might remember that movie), The Fabulous Baker Boys which also starred his older brother Beau Bridges, Tucker, Fearless, etc). I have seen him in more, but can't think of them all. He'd look handsomer if he got rid of the beard, in my opinion, and cut his hair. His father still looked handsome even much older.


He's not my type either, but I did find him very endearing in The Mirror Has Two Faces -- a guilty pleasure movie for me.

Ha! I remember watching Sea Hunt when I was little. I'd involuntarily hold my breath and get anxious because he was always about to run out of air.


I just saw The Big Lebowsky yesterday and Against All Odds the day before that, and I guess I'm on a Jeff Bridges marathon now. I knew he was good looking as I've seen sooner of his films from the 80s and 90s like TMHTF and I still think he's handsome today like in Tron Legacy. So I guess I'm not surprised by his handsomeness, him keeping all his hair definitely helps.

I agree about Against All Odds - he was beautiful there, 6 pack, blond hair, and tan!