Baby Or Not

Last time I ask this question.If Claire had
that baby instead of the illegal abortion,what
would become of Claire,Kevin and the baby?



Not me!If I were Kevin I would give Claire my college
money for a safer abortion and not marry her.But I would
make sure word would not leak out and THEN I'd leave
home,with a better conscience.And never look back.


Claire lived in era when maternity leave did not have to be provided by an employer regardless of the size (regardless of if they were a religious place or not) and pregnancy discrimination was perfectly legal--so no she did not have 'choice'.

People supposing what if she had the baby are trying to examine it after the 1970's....which did expand women's reproductive rights and choices for those specific reasons. Well, she did not have the options we have today. So she was in entirely different circumstances

Kevin was perfectly free to walk away and leave her since he was not her husband. Being a single woman in that era she could not come forward and tell their family who really got her pregnant.

The first paternity testing would not be developed until the 1960's so right now claire is out of luck. Kevin knows he can sit and deny it w out anything happening to him. He is 'innocent'