Give it to me baby

Has to be the most hilarious scene in the movie.

Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you, the pre-requisites for any Indian-indie "controversial" film:

1. One character must have a relationship with a non-Indian. Usually it's an Indian female hooking
up with a white male.

2. One character must be gay

3. One character must wack off (no matter how irrelevent to the story line it is)

(Icing on the top is jabs and criticism on the caste system, but this isn't always included)

Let's do a quick rundown.

Fire - points 1, 2 & 3
Bend it like Bekham - points 1 & 2
Bride and Prejudice - points 1
Dharm - points 1 & caste system
Bavandar - points 3
East is East - points 1, and 2
Loins of Punjab - points 1