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It is so obvious when someone who knows nothing about film is directing.

Deepa Mehta is an incompetent, film ignorant director. I hate to be sexist, but this film looks like it was directed by an old woman! And it was!

This is rediculous. What kind of a joke is this? She is a terrible, terrible director. She doesn't know how to make a film. All she did is direct actors to say their lines, and i'm sure all the camera men and the editors had to do ALL their work by themselves because this woman is completely incompetent!

Oh.. and what is the result of an incompetent director? *SNORE***.......

GOD this film was boring. I just watched Divided We Fall, to relieve myself of this. That was a good movie!


You hate to be sexist? Somehow I don't buy it. You seemed perfectly happy to make disrespectful offensive statements. Sounds like much of your problem with the film had to do with the fact that there are so many women involved. If the viewer refuses to access the struggles and complications that the actresses beautifully put out there, well.... no wonder you didn't get it.

By the way, if you're going to insult someone's ability to create something well, try to create your sentences with accurate spelling.

Clearly this movie wasn't to -your- tastes, but just because -you- found a film to be "boring" does not mean that it is a bad film. Many of the greatest films are not filled with "action." I found her directing to be beautiful in its subtlety and elegance. Making assumptions about how much work she did or did not do is absurd. Were you there? I don't think so.

This was not a war movie. Clearly you missed the purpose of this film-- of perhaps it simply was not to your tastes. I adore it, you don't, but just because a film is not your sort of thing does not make the director "ignorant" "incompetent" "terrible" nor the film "a joke" or "boring."

I believe Deepa makes very important, beautiful films, that are fascinating to look at, like them or not.

Pity you don't agree.


Hell,yeah,you're sexist---I don't see you making any comments about old men directing films---even though that's more or less the norm,anyway. Fine if you hated the film, but what the hell does the director's age have to do with the film? Not one damn thing! You're just taking a cheap shot at the director because she's female! If you hated the film, fine, but leave the *beep* sexism out of it, because it's stupid---either you can make a film, or you can't--you gender dosen't have s*** to do with it---I know because I've seen many lousy films by male directors, but I've never though, "Oh, he can't direct worth a damn becasue he's an old man." Honestly, this is the 21st century---get over you damn self already!


did you watch it or wack off to it like Mundu.