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Snake as history's worst mass murderer?

*Spoilers ahead*

Love the film. Very underrated and misunderstood... But: don't you think Snake "shutting down the world" at the end -cool though he looks and sounds doing it- makes him history's worst mass murderer?

What with the countless deaths his move will immediately lead to (people on life support, people on the slab being operated on, people relying on electrical equipment to ensure their safety at work, people on flights in mid-air, etc.) and then the billions more in the ensuing world chaos and collapse of civilization planetwide?


Yeh, I think he was pretty much done with the human race at that point , and hed just been through the same shit again . time for a reset


Although not exactly a "reset" yes? Because:

- the world population is several billions instead of a few hundred thousands (or whatever it was when homo sapiens first appeared); which will be impossible to feed without the modern means of food production and distribution;

- weapons (the one that'll still work after the world is shutdown, firearms being one of them...) are way more lethal than the sticks and stones of the dawn of humanity, and almost as ubiquitous in some countries;

- most large cities are not build for a hunter gatherer lifestyle anymore (basically, with no technology, if you don't live near a large pool of water or a forest with wildly available game, you're screwed);

- also: nuclear reactors. Need water to cool down and prevent meltdown. Need pumps to circulate water. Need power to action pumps... That's hundreds of Chernobyls worldwide in a matter of days.

So more like a cancelling with a very fast descent into total chaos with no possibility of recovery, rather than a reset (with the implicit goal of building a better, fairer, more equitable world on the ashes of the previous one).


lol yeh, I guess Snakes a bad guy. The antihero of the 2 movies ends up the worst bad guy imaginable