I am not a troll

But every time this movie is on TV I watch it for about 10 min (and yes I have watched it from beginning to end) to try and articulate why I hate it so much.

This time came in on the part where jeeps buried in sandstorm. Our budding lovers get out and stand gazing dreamily at the scenery. He says to her with great emotion - I'd like to have you paste your pictures in my book. She looks at him meaningfully. Suddenly he says - the others!
Oh, they forgot about their traveling companions buried alive and possibly suffocating to death. But she can paste her pictures in his book.

There is just soooo much ridiculous dialogue and absurd plot points. I don't have the energy to describe how dumb and illogical he acted when he was trying to get help to go to the cave. But the plot had to go that way.