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Petition To Release Season 2 On DVD

The petition needs at least 50 people to get started.

Go here:


The petition currently stands at 31 - need more support...


What is this petition? What would be asked of me (other than simply joining the petition)? Once the petition receives 50 participates (a suprisingly small number) what is your next step? Or, your next few steps? Do you actually have (realistic) hopes or expectations that your campaign will be effective (especially considering the almost insignificant number of participants that you are asking for)?

I'm not trying to be negative or give you a hard time, I am simply looking for concrete information. And i'm curious. :-)

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Sorry, this isn't my petition - I was simply mentioning it as it seemed like a tiny step in the right direction towards ever seeing the remaining series on DVD. If you don't ask, you don't get.

I tried to find out what would happen if the numbers reached the tipping point, and it seems the originator of the petition intends to raise money to encourage the release of future seasons. I think they will be sadly disappointed if they expect those 50 people to donate money however - and I don't know how they would use it since e-mailing/contacting possible distributors/production companies is relatively free.

I thought perhaps they just wanted a show of support to demonstrate any overtures they made to Alliance Atlantis etc. wasn't in vain and that people still wanted the series on DVD. I must admit I kinda just wanted to see what the originator of the petition would do if it surpassed 50! I'm pretty sure no more seasons made it to DVD due to the sales figures for season 1. But I do think 'Traders' has a much bigger fan base than it did a few years ago due to the Internet, reputation, and some of the actors appearing in higher profile programmes creating interest.

I e-mailed Alliance Atlantis myself and received a reply saying they had no plans at the present time. I agree 50 little signatures on a petition wouldn't convince a company to put further DVDs into production, but it seemed like a good place to bring all those who are interested together, and perhaps produce a larger petition that does make sense.

Anyhoo, I know there's a snowball's chance in hell they will release the rest of 'Traders', but it's better than nothing to try I suppose.

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I hope it comes out on DVD it was an awesome show!