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You know, it's kinda weird....

A long time ago, like in the mid-2000s, I wrote what this show would have been like if it had been made in that time instead of the late 90s.

At the time, the focus was on this show exclusively, and I joked about things like:

- the other students would have accused Libby of sleeping with Mr. Kraft, due to the camaraderie between them

- Libby might have attempted to trick Harvey into being her boyfriend permanently by faking having his baby.

- the special-effects would have been less cheesy

- Sabrina might have had a larger variety of boyfriends

- the Salem puppets might have been better built

But now, all these years later, after seeing that disgusting dumpster fire Netflix made, I realized that what really happened in the "remake" dept. was soooooo much worse than I ever imagined.