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Was this virus like AIDS??

I recently watched the movie for a second time, and I have a different take on the ending than when I first watched it.

Originally, I thought that the virus had gone dormant for six months, and then, like AIDS, began to reproduce. My thoughts then was that everyone onboard the plane (and eveyone with whom they had contact) would also subsequently develop the disease.

However, on second viewing, I realized that perhaps there would have been only two people who would contract the disease: one, Professor Helms who had come in contact with the first victim's blood, and the flight attendant (Brenda Hopkins?) who gave him mouth-to-mouth recucsitation. The reason? Like AIDS, the disease has to be transmitted by bodily fluids.

Your thoughts?


I hope you're right! I was so sad after I saw it. I didn't want those people to die, especially James and Rachel.

I thought as you did, that everyone got the virus and died eventually. But when I think about it your theory about what happend later might be true. I mean, the guy that runs in the begging got sick when he worked on the virus and got it into him somehow, but none of the other scientists got ill. And that man who died on the plane got infected through his blood, but no one of the other passengers got sick within 48hours, as he did. So it's possible that no one else got that damn virus.

Thanks for easying my sorrow : )


This post hurts my brain. If anything it is more like Ebola...