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if you made a compilation...

If you could make a Muppets Tonight compilation video, much like the old Muppet Show compilation videos, what clips would you include?

Here's what I would include:
*Clifford introducing the first show
*the dancing cheeses
*Miss Piggy becomes the guest star
*Bay of Pigswatch: new lifeguard assistant
*Swift Witts
*Michelle Pfeiffer gets hired as a guest star
*Seinfield Babies
*Miss Piggy and Michelle Pfeiffer find out they are both guest starring on the same show
*Fairytale PD
*Sound of Music Medley
*Firefly (with Tony Bennett)
*Pigs in Space: Princess Vendela
*Bobo falls for Cindy Crawford
*City Schtickers (with Billy Crystal)
*I'm a Believer (with Mickey Dolenz)
*Johnny Fiama's Pasta Playhouse
*Tales From the Vet: The Turkey Who Loved Thanksgiving
*Rizzo tells Bobo, through microphone, what to say to Cindy Crawford
*Seymour and Pepe's "elefino" joke
*Real World Muppets: meeting
*NYPD Green
*The Lunarmooners (with John Goodman)
*Opposites Attract (with Paula Abdul)
*The Eagles Nest: heroes
*Carl the big mean ventreloquist
*We Shall Be Free (with Garth Brooks)
*Dancing with Myself
*Starfish and Coffee (with Prince)
*I Remember it Well