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favorite/ least favorite of the new characters

who are some characters who first appeared on muppets tonight (or who were around before muppets tonight but not on the muppet show) that were either your favorite or least favorite characters?

my favorites:
dr. phil van neuter
nigel the director
zippety zap
bill the bubble guy

my least favorites:
johnny fiama
andy and randy
the cast of the new pigs in space (except for craniac, he was cool)
david hogsohog
mr. poodlepants


I never really liked any of the newer characters except for Pepe. I thought he was ok at first, but after seeing him in the later movies ("Muppets from space" and especially "Very merry muppet x-mas") he's now one of my favorites. Fiama and Sal were good for a laugh now and then, but their act got old pretty quick. Same with Andy and Randy. Dr. Neuter annoyed the S**t out of me. Probally cause he looked and acted too much like Andy Dick. Clifford never worked for me either. Never understood why they didn't just keep Kermit as the host. Clifford would have been better as a band member. To be honest, I don't really remember the others that you mentioned. Will have to dig out my old VHS tape of episodes.


I remember getting a kick out of Mr. Poodlepants

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