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Watched for the first time since 1995

Holy *beep* this is what a comedy is!, not like the crap today. Was giggling all the way like my young self.

Farley - WHAT A FUNNY DUDE!, so sad to think what he would of been and the films he could have made all these years since.




I don't really agree about the movie - it's pretty lackluster in all levels, and has almost no charm beyond Chris Farley's charisma.

However, I think Chris Farley was too talented and capable for ending up like he did so quicky. I am sure that if he hadn't become such a mess, he could've given the world some brilliant movies.

So I agree that his fate was really, really sad, I can't get over it, how someone like him can end up like that. It's heartbreaking.


I think it's a hilarious film throughout. This and Black Sheep back to back for a good comedy night.


Hell, Farley reading a set of assembly instructions would be funny.